WOD call of duty

We do serious things in a smart way, but we are not so serious all the time.

What makes you a WOD person?

You don’t have to be a WOD person, just be you and be good in what you do. You will find a WOD buddy along the way…probably. If not, you can bring a dog that doesn’t bite. Or bites on demand!#? 

Anyhow, reach us if you are in a job search for any of the following positions. These would be our expectations:

Full-stack developer

  • Know object-oriented programming and Java
  • Know basics of SQL and are comfortable working with databases
  • Know HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Understand how REST APIs and web apps in general work
  • Being familiar with Spring is big +
  • Have critical thinking and solution-oriented approach while being responsible

Front-end developer

  • Know HTML, CSS/SASS and JavaScript
  • Familiar with React, Angular or any other popular JS framework
  • Have knowledge in the areas of browser compatibility, responsive web design and CMS
  • Like to cooperate with designers

UX/UI designer

  • Know UX/UI principles and best practices in creating user interface
  • Have extensive knowledge in using Figma, Adobe XD and/or Sketch
  • Understand RWD principles and interface optimisation for different devices

Business analyst & tester

  • Be thorough and detail oriented in order to understand business problems and client’s needs
  • Like spending hours with clients to get detail insight in what bothers them and make both sides agree on the best solution
  • Be a bridge between technical IT side of the project and client’s requests by speaking the language of both sides equally good
  • Don’t have any hesitation to dive in even deeper for solution to meet client’s requirements on higher level

DevOps engineer

  • Automate and maintain infrastructure using various configuration management tools
  • Implement and maintain CI/CD pipelines using Gitlab, Jenkins or any other similar tool
  • Collaborate with development teams to design and implement build, release, and deployment processes
  • Work with developers to identify and fix issues in the build and release process

Data/ML engineer

  • Know or be willing to learn how to use advanced patterns for data integration (ETL, CEP, CDC, Data Masking, Data Virtualization…) and familiar with Python & SQL
  • Have the skill to observe Big Data (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, DWH appliance) by using advanced analytics and present information into useful and interactive dashboards
  • Be enthusiastic about developing data models, interested in technologies and tools for Data Quality Management and/or Data Governance
  • You can merge business and technical perspective into meaningful questions that are crucial for understanding tasks

System engineer

  • Engage in activities falling within the scope of planning, analysing and organizing the process of implementation and integration of various IT components in complex enterprise environments.
  • Take care of the security aspects of services, backup, implementation, integration, upgrading the infrastructure and filling in technical documentation
  • Use wide range of technologies and operating systems (Windows, Linux, AIX, zOS) and adapt to the user’s operating environment.


If you think you are not qualified or skilled enough, don’t hesitate to apply. We know juniors are eager to learn and to prove themselves while mids and seniors are more into contribution and understanding big picture. Therefore, expectations for levels within each role are not the same. 

Now when we cleared that up, let us be the judges! Why? Skills can be trained, that’s why we hire character.

Summer internship

Student internship is ideal for students eager for knowledge and learning. For those who want to put into practice everything they have learned so far and slowly but bravely enter the business world.

Our summer internship, which we conduct in cooperation with partner CROZ d.o.o., will provide you with much more than just an insight into the business world. It’s widely known as one of the best, hands-on programs you can experience.

You will get the opportunity to work on a real project with a team of interns and dedicated mentors.

Check it out on the following link.

What do we bring to the table?

We are always more than happy to welcome a new ninja. So here's what we offer:


No matter the level you are at, we'll make you come safe to the shore. We will never throw you in a fire without holding a big tank of water behind you. Ok, maybe we'll give you a glass of water first just for fun but we will be next to you when things get rough. They never do but it sounds tough 🙂

Modern technologies

Depending on a project, we use wide range of technologies and frameworks in order to adapt to client requirements and industry standards. Don't worry, you won't get stuck with legacy, maybe only with heritage.

Agile teamwork

We use agile approach in everything we do. The easiest way to explain it: fast, brave, adaptable, flexible, diligent, smart,... Summed up: we do things that make sense in a way that makes sense.

Education & certificates

If you want to be a master of some technology, get additional education related to any area we do or improve set of your soft skills, bring it on! In case any education program tickles your brain cells, speak up. Just be good in job you do!

Sweet & sugar

The level of your salary is based on your knowledge, experience and attitude towards work you do. No need to make an awkward subject about it. No man will be left behind if we can play good together – even if it sometimes sounds like jazz.

Kids & family

Being a parent is as challenging as climbing Mount Everest but instead of demotivating you to become one, we will encourage you in taking this rollercoaster ride. So here’s one lovely moment – only parents know how good it is to be a parent and work in WOD.

Sport & health package 🙂

Believe it or not, we want you to be healthy. We will occasionally put you on a test with parties and obstruct your endeavour to be the best version of yourself all the time. Please note we do not cover or provide any emotional support for the shame the day after. We’ll probably show you the photos too.