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About us

At this point, within the expertise of developing enterprise solutions, we are providing full service by completely covering development, business analysis, product design and consulting.

And we just got started!


We are technology-driven company that is building enterprise systems. In such demanding and highly complex business environments, we provide a complete service, from business analysis to system implementation and customer consulting.


Transform your business with a custom software solution designed to meet your unique needs. With a strong emphasis on cloud native development, we will ensure that your new & upgraded system is responsive, scalable, fault tolerant and easy maintainable.

Business analysis

We offer a complete analysis of your core business processes and dive with you into details to understand their complexity. Together we will determine potential risks so we could provide you with best solution. BA saves time and is precise "tool" for every organization.


Let us improve your processes and collaboration between your development and operation teams, with the goal of enabling faster and more efficient application delivery.


By using the right API's strategy & platform, the integration of different system components is no more complex than building the components themselves. Quite the opposite...

Product design

Create products with a human-centered approach using UX/UI design, discover and define problems with user stories and personas. We'll help you to find a proper solution and validate it with Usability testing, wireframes and clickable prototypes.

Data engineering

By leveraging your data properly, you can gain a competitive advantage by making real-time data-driven decisions. What was hiding behind your hunch can now be supported and confirmed by trustworthy sources.

CROZ partner

We have been a proud member of the CROZ Partner Program right from the start.

Throughout this program, CROZ provides us with advice for organizational growth, helps us to get the most out of our talents and provides seniority and quality assurance when needed.

All stated above comes not only in the form of advice, but also as a day-to-day joint work on projects where we are always focused on technical excellence while being 100% committed to customer success.

Long story short, we are young people with old people’s experience 🙂

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